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ARX Head Office in Australia is situated at :
33 Advantage Road, Highett, Victoria 3190, Australia
Phone (03) 9555 7859 Fax (03) 9555 6747

E-mail: info@arx.com.au

We also have factory representatives to help you with any information on ARX equipment. We realise that there's an enormous amount of competing equipment out there, and we'd naturally like to do everything possible to help you make the ARX decision.

Throughout Australia except WA
Contact: The Resource Corporation
Phone (03) 9874 5988 Fax (03) 9874 0977
sales@trc.com.au Website: www.trc.com.au

In Western Australia
Contact: Ian Ross at Audio Source
Phone (08) 9354 3185 Fax (08) 9354 2354 Mobile 0412 914 896
ian@audiosource.com.au Website: www.audiosource.com.au

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