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ARX: 20 Years of Audio Innovation - Press Release text

L-R Duncan Fry, Colin Park, David Park

2003 marked a milestone for ARX Systems, the well known Australian based designers and manufacturers of Professional Audio Equipment, as they celebrate their 20th anniversary.

ARX Systems was formed in Melbourne in 1983 by brothers Colin and David Park, and longtime friend Duncan Fry.

Several products introduced in the 80's have over the years become Industry Standards and are still manufactured today, albeit in an updated form to take advantage of improved manufacturing processes and most importantly higher quality Componentry.

These include the Sixgate 6 channel Noise Gate, Quadcomp 4 channel Compressor Limiter; and the venerable EQ 60 Dual 1/3rd Octave Equaliser, sales of which have now exceeded 10,000 units.

ARX has always striven to ensure that the Company is represented by high quality Distributors. This was further reinforced last year with the appointment of Bose Corp Greater China as ARX Distributors for Hong Kong and China.
European Distribution was also re-structured and re-invigorated in 2002 with the appointment of many new distributors throughout Europe.

ARX Managing Director Colin Park described where ARX is heading after 20 years.

"We're excited by the new products we've recently released. The MSX 32 and MSX 8 Active Mic / Line Splitters are both selling extremely well, as are most of the other signal distribution products. Sales of the smaller SPL Powered Loudspeakers has also exceeded our expectations; the new EQ products being released at the Frankfurt Pro Light & Sound in March should also do well as Equalisers and Signal Processing generally has always been a strong product area for ARX.

"ARX's R & D program is as active as ever; current projects include Infrared Signal Distribution and the Control System for the SPL Powered Loudspeaker range.

"We're involved in less OEM manufacturing for other Companies than we were in the 90s; however since 2001 we've been active in designing and manufacturing specialist Audio and Power Control Products in the Defence Area for several Australian Organisations, an area we find extremely interesting and one that offers the prospect of future Product growth for the Company.

"At a time when it appears a lot of Pro Audio Manufacturers will end up being owned by Stylus manufacturers, Car Audio Companies or their Chinese OEM suppliers; Duncan, David and I are pleased that we've built an independent Company that still holds to its core values of designing and manufacturing a comprehensive range of products that people like to use, are reliable and are supported in a Professional manner.

"An old mate of ours, Hans Freytag, describes Pro Audio as 'the worlds largest Cottage Industry', which is a fairly accurate description, even these days. It's certainly a most enjoyable industry to work in, as the last 20 years have proved."


ARX Timeline


ARX opens for business as Audio-Design Systems, making processor controlled speaker systems


Changed name to Audio Research & Technology (ART)


Opened up MIX magazine to find that half of MXR have had the same idea (Applied Research & Technology)


Decided against giving all our money to lawyers and change name again to ARX Systems, then trademark it worldwide, giving all our money to a different bunch of lawyers!


Introduced the Sixgate and the Quadcomp®, world's first full control four channel 1 RU compressor. Rest of the world follows - the high density signal processing era is born


Launched the EQ60 - the best equalizer ever to come out of Highett!


Worldwide expansion undertaken; company is not sold to Harman or Mk 4!


Provided complete system for the Yellow River Concert - China's biggest concert to date


Celebrated our 15th birthday


Survived the Millennium Bug!


Celebrated our 20th birthday


Survived our 21st Birthday. Now we have the key to the door!


Celebrated our 30th Birthday

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