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Why has my front panel bent?

As circuit densities and complexities increase, so does the size and weight of Audio Electronics.

Sure, many digital processors are only 1 rack unit (1¾"/44mm) high, but many are 12"+ (300mm+) deep! And they are all optimistically designed to be mounted in a rack by just two bolts at each end of a thin steel or aluminium front panel!

Just think for a moment of the leverage that this is placing on the front rack ears of units like this. Forget about dropping your rack out of the back of a truck. Even dropping it a few inches onto a studio floor is going to bend or worse tear through those all important rack ears.

Likewise with Power Amplifiers. Although most are only 2 or maybe 3 rack units high, some of them are 20"+ (500mm+) deep and weigh 50 lbs (20 Kg)!These must be supported by rear rack mounting.

The best way to do this is to either

  1. For amplifiers, bolt the rear mounting ears (if they exist) to a rear metal rack strip in your rack, or (if nobody has had the foresight to include rear mounting)
  2. Block under the unit at the back with wood or attach rear mounting ears yourself and fix these to a rack strip. This is the best way for signal processing.

Remember your unit is going to need all the rear support you can give it.

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