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Who's Who at ARX
Our fearless leader, Colin Park, pondering what to do about the endless stream of Internet begging letters.
The final decision? Keep sending them!
David Park, resident ARX speaker guru. Seen winning the Highett Marathon against a star-studded field of octogenarians and their parents

Webmaster Duncan Fry, with his Richard Petty Blue moneybox (1970 Plymouth Roadrunner Superbird 440 4 barrel). Fuel consumption means it can only be driven to and from the nearest petrol station only.
Author of the best-selling
Updated 4th Edition Out Now!


Below: Lapping the Calder Thunderdome NASCAR track, Melbourne

Algis Renkus 19?? (actually 1938) - 1997

An audio legend (or so he told us!) and a major influence in the formative years of ARX. Missed by all of us.

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