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Blue DI Wireless Media Active Direct Box
Application Notes


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The ARX Blue DI is proving to be the product of choice in different applications around the world, meeting the growing demand for a wireless Active Direct Box interface to connect smartphones, tablets and similar devices to the balanced line level pro audio world.

We thought it would be useful to share some of these applications with you, but first here is a reminder of the reasons why this innovative box is proving so popular.

Useful features:

Quick and easy to set-up: just place your wireless enabled smartphone, PC or tablet near the Blue DI and scan for 'ARX Blue DI', then pair with it. Pull up a music file, press PLAY, and that's all there is to it!

Easy to use: a setup using Blue DI is so straightforward that it ensures problem free operation regardless of the varying skillsets of the end user. Whether they are waiters, gym instructors or office workers, they only need to be able to operate a familiar smartphone or tablet interface.

Problem solver: The Blue DI plugs easily into your background music system or to your desk via the XLR’s on the back panel and allows you to control music remotely via Bluetooth.

Phantom Power: The Blue DI is the only Bluetooth compatible Direct Box that can be Phantom Powered = no clunky power pack required.

Popular Applications:

Restaurants/bars/entertainment venues: it is becoming more common for the music in an entertainment venue to be controlled by a tablet/PC that is either playing pre-recorded/saved files or streaming music from the internet. The Blue DI connects via wireless protocol to the tablet and the music is played through the venue sound system. The Blue DI box is installed but the sound source can be changed to other wireless enabled devices quickly and easily.

Fitness centres/gyms: The addition of a Blue DI into the AV setup in a fitness studio provides added flexibility to each studio, a quick turnaround between classes and an easy to operate sound system for the staff. Each new instructor can connect their smartphone or tablet to the Blue DI via wireless protocol, playing their own playlist quickly and easily with no connectors, cables or control issues.

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