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ARX PowerPoint Presentations

For those of you who need to run ARX product presentations, at trade shows, customer get-togethers, or in-house training sessions, we've prepared the following PowerPoint presentations.
You can set them up to run unattended all day, or with input from the customer, or as slides to back up a live presenter.
They can be opened and run by using either Power Point if you installed it along with Microsoft Office, or by using the free PowerPoint viewer
If you don't already have a PowerPoint viewer,
Click Here to install it.

Installation Instructions

These are .ppt (PowerPoint) files.
If you have installed the free viewer, just double click on the .ppt file once you have downloaded it and the presentation will open.
If you have PowerPoint installed, double click on the .ppt file once you have downloaded it and PowerPoint will open. You can then run the slide show, or edit as needed (i.e. change language, modify text/product mix to suit local requirements)

PowerPoint presentation on the new ARX Audibox range. Click here to open

PowerPoint presentation on the ARX signal processing range. Click here to open

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