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Dual Channel unit

Requires Phantom or DC power



Sound Reinforcement,
IT and AV

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AV-DI Plus

Introducing the new AV-DI Plus Stereo Audiovisual Active Direct Box…the only AV-DI box you'll need!

The new AV-DI Plus from ARX Systems is a stereo Audio Visual Active Direct box, featuring industry standard dual 6.5mm, RCA and stereo mini jack inputs and dual balanced XLR outputs.

This latest addition to the Audibox™ range is designed as a straightforward solution for interfacing computer sound cards, smart phones, iPads and similar devices with professional sound systems. Finished in a heavy-duty all-steel chassis and with a fibreglass PCB, the compact AV-DI Plus is built to last.

The AV-DI Plus features a -20dB input Pad & Mono output switch plus Phantom or 12 - 18V DC power options.


Features and benefits of the AV-DI Plus:

  • The AV Plus converts Unbalanced Audio signals to Balanced, Low Impedance signals suitable for use with professional equipment and long cable runs.
  • Switchable Ground isolation provides low-noise operation suitable for any application, preventing ground loops and other extraneous noise.
  • The AV Plus features industry standard dual 6.5mm, RCA and a stereo mini jack input and dual balanced Amphenol XLR outputs.
  • As an added feature, for those applications including Corporate AV and Computer interfacing the AV Plus also features a Mono'ing switch allowing Stereo signals to be easily summed to mono, thereby requiring only one mixer channel for playback
  • Optional bracket kit for under-table security mounting.

Precision engineered
Most of the Audibox range share a common footprint and manufacturing platform. Offset lid screws enable close side-by-side mounting of multiple units.

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AV-DI Plus T E C H N I C A L || S P E C I F I C A T I O N S


Input Impedance
47K Ohms unbalanced, all inputs

Max Input Level
Line +8 dB with Pad switch Out, + 28dB with Pad switch In

Gain through Unit 6dB, Pad switch Out; -14dB Pad switch In

Output Noise -90 dB Unweighted, -96 dB 'A' weighted, inputs loaded

Frequency Response 20 - 20 KHz ± 0.3 dB

Power Requirements 48V Phantom power on XLR pins 2 and 3; 12-18V DC from external supply

Input Connectors Left and Right RCA (phono) connectors, plus Tip-Ring-Sleeve Mini Jack

Output Connectors Dual 3 pin XLR wired Pin 1 Ground, Pin 2 + Hot, Pin 3 – Cold.

Construction All-steel chassis, fibreglass PCB

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