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Qswitch Model Options

Front Panel


Four Stereo Channels unit


  • Any audio switching - multiple inputs to one output or vice versa
  • Especially suited to powered loudspeaker demonstrations and use, or Broadcast, Live and Studio switching
Passive unit - requires no power

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The Qswitch is a Quad Channel Stereo Switcher; a new addition to our popular AudiBox range of precision audio tools.

What does it do?
With this useful device you can:

  • Switch any of FOUR stereo inputs to ONE stereo output, OR
  • Switch ONE stereo input to any of FOUR stereo outputs.

Careful user-friendly annotation makes it easy to understand and to see which input or output is being switched. A bank of four latching interlocked switches mean you can only select one switch at a time. A 'scribble-strip' lets you write above each switch with a Chinagraph® or grease pencil, so you can easily confirm what is being switched.

Its innovative precision design allows the Qswitch to be used in two modes:

1 : 4 for sending any one of 4 sets of Powered Loudspeakers, Sub Woofers etc, or
4 : 1 for selecting any one of 4 stereo input signal sources to one output in Broadcast, Installation, Studio, and Live Sound applications

Rear Panel

The Qswitch has TipRingSleeve jack sockets which accept balanced or unbalanced signals.

How does it work?
On the Right side of the rear panel (see above), a Left and Right pair of jack sockets are marked IN/OUT.

If these are being used as the Inputs, then the 4 jack pairs to the Left of the white line are the Outputs, and pushing the switches on the front panel makes one of those pairs active, depending on the switch you push.

However, If you are using these 4 pairs of jack sockets as Inputs, then whichever switch you press on the front will switch that signal to the Right pair of jack sockets, and they will then be the Outputs.

It really is as simple as that. No mode switches to set, no learning curve, no software to set up, just Plug and Play in the truest sense of the word!

Depending on which mode you use, you can cross out the IN or OUT notations with your Chinagraph® or grease pencil. If you change you mind and change the application, just wipe it off and cross out the other.

The heavy duty all-steel chassis is finished in attractive matt textured powdercoat, with hardwearing epoxy screen printing and slip resistant rubber pads. The Qswitch is a totally passive device with no power requirements, making it a truly universal problem solver.
Security features include Kensington®-type computer lock slot and optional bracket kit for under-table mounting.

Precision engineered
Most of the Audibox range share a common footprint and manufacturing platform. Offset lid screws enable close side-by-side mounting of multiple units.

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T E C H N I C A L || S P E C I F I C A T I O N S


Frequency Response DC to Daylight (± 0.5dB)

THD at Max Output 0

Insertion Loss 0

Input and Output Connectors
Five pairs of Insulated TRS (TipRingSleeve) Balanced jack, wired Sleeve - Ground, Tip + Hot, Ring – Cold

Mega switch array - Single bank of four latching and interlocked switches

All-steel powdercoated chassis, fibreglass PCB

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